What I like about different programming languages


It is very easy to understand, and supereasy to write web software with very little knowledge about tje surroundings and with very little setup. It is very well documented, in a central location and in an easy understandable structure. My first programming language.


Extremely powerful and simple use and achieve a lot with little work. Once you really know it.

a first look at IDEA

so, I have been convinced to check out a piece non-free software because it's said being soooo great.

I download IDEA for Linux, unpack it, see a bin directory, and try to run the start shell script:

henning@xnote:/data/produktion/tmp/software-to-evaluate/idea-9164$ ./bin/ 
ERROR: cannot start IntelliJ IDEA.
No JDK found to run IDEA.
Inhalt abgleichen